NICE Framework


In addition to S&T Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Research, S&T also offers coursework that meets the National Initiative in Cybersecurity Education (NICE) requirements.


To meet Missouri S&T's NICE framework requirements a student needs to take the following courses:

  • COMP SCI 1570 Introduction to Programming
  • COMP SCI 2200 Theory of Computer Science
  • COMP SCI 2500 Algorithms or COMP SCI 5200 Analysis of Algorithms
  • COMP SCI 3600 Introduction to Computer Security
  • COMP SCI 3800 Introduction to Operating Systmens
  • COMP SCI 4700 Intellectual Property for Computer Scientists
  • COMP SCI 5600 Computer Networks
  • COMP SCI 5601 Security Operations & Program Management
  • STAT 3115 Engineering Statistics

             All of these courses may be satisfied by the BS in Computer Science

For advanced work, the following classes are appropriate and make up the graduate certificate in Cybersecurity

  • COMP SCI 5601: Security Operations and Program Management
  • COMP SCI 5602: Introduction to Cryptography

Choose two of the following four courses:

  • COMP SCI 6600: Formal Methods in Computer Security
  • COMP SCI 6601: Secure Data Analysis
  • COMP SCI 6304: Cloud Computing and Big Data Management
  • COMP SCI 6605: Advanced Network Security

More information on NICE Framework can be obtained at: